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Navigator Corporation produces full range of computer systems from desktop and portable PCs to multiprocessor servers.

Production of computer systems

The Navigator Company is a leading PC manufacturer in Ukraine. Our products are selling under Impression Computer. Besides of traditional desktops, notebooks and servers, our manufacturing facilities produces also newest consumer products: nettops, NAS, nablets, AIO PC's, e-book readers. The "Navigator" owns modern powerful manufacturing-and-logistic complex, which has been opened in 2008 in Gostomel' (about 30 km from Kyiv). It has more than 5 000 sq. m, and integrates manufacturing, transportation and warehousing logistics. These facilities are using an electronic control system of production processes and quality control, as well as the most advanced technology for high energy efficiency. All computing systems which has been manufactured and supplied under the TM Impression meet the highest quality standards, certified according to the standards UkrSEPRO, ISO-9001-2009, and ISO-14001, as well as meet health standards and so it can be used in educational, financial and banking organizations.

We can guarantee the highest quality of all TM Impression computer systems because of the peculiarities of the production process and using of advanced technologies of quality control at every stage of production.

Multilevel system of scheduling

Our manufacturing schedules based on predictions for sales at whole year as well as daily demand, so we can flexibly respond to market demand and produce the appropriate number of products, always fulfilling obligations to clients.

The modularity and rapid increase in capacity

Due to the five assembly lines and conveyor type production with operational division of the process, the Navigator Company is able to easily and quickly to increase or reduce capacity depending on the needs of the market, while holding the consistently high quality of its products.

The electronic system of Manufacturing process management

The electronic system of production control works at Navigator Company as part of international quality management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This system could control the entire production process - from the formation of plans and until the each operation performing, as well as captures name of operator, and date and exact time of operation.

Such system allows complete control over productivity and quality of works at individual production sites, as well as individuals in the workplace.

A complex quality assurance system

Before starting into mass production, all the components are passing sets of pretesting for compatibility and performance. Thus, we ensure that each configuration of computer systems under TM Impression is the best solution to meet the consumer needs. The company has a total quality control system of the production process: every next section supervises the previous one.

All desktops after assembling are passing 100% testing at heat chamber during no less than 4 hours at 38-45°, and only after positive results, products will go on sale. Test results must be kept during all desktops warranty period. Also all desktops are checked by independent quality control department (QCD).

Independent QCD

After testing the computers in the heat chamber, QCD re-checks for completeness, build quality, performance of the operating system and installed applications, as well as the exterior of the computer.

"Door to door" logistic services

The Logistic department of Navigator Company has broad experience of organizing and serving a large number of orders various volumes across the country.
Shipping by railway and trucks with ensuring "door to door" service guarantees the highest level of logistics services for customers.